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Monday, August 2, 2010

Awesomest weekend ever


boooyaaaah, what an awesome and remarkable weekend i had. So glad to have spent it with the eversolovelyandheavilymissed gf and my admired friends B and T. Started of Friday with watching "Inception" with Leonardo di Caprio, a film about intertwisting realities...great stuff, yet very strange. Hope you don´t find friday´s office outfit too strange...

After a good nap started to drop down into the city to get some icecream and to see what local retailers had to get rid off...and yes, swedish designers Hennes & Mauritz had somthing on their racks: a linen pair of trousers and a jackett, both waiting to be sold for 22€ (together!!). Not one chance i could pass that...

Right after that, we´ve been invited to T´s place to have arabic dinner (mince-flavoured bulgur with chicken wraps) and some nice mojitos, freshly mixed by HIS CUTTING MAJESTY B...what started with fine dishes was continued with playing table games, four masterminds challenging each other in guessing poetry, designing words, imitating persons or humming songs...what a splendid night.

Went to bed and came back to life on sunday...and yet another great event took place: a minigolf tournament! Come on, nothing better than a sunday´s afternoon battle with metal sticks and rubber balls.

You can definitely tell that the girl knows how to handle that stick, can´t you? I totally lost and scored last, but at least i won the fashion prize for "Best dressed golfer on the course"...

You may tell by the pics who won...seems as if strategic thinking has brought B to victory, not the other player´s foul play...

Summarizing the whole thing: dear god, let it be friday tomorrow!

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  1. Those red loafers up top are beautiful. I've got a pair of blue suede bowling shoes, but what I really, really want to find in the near future is some red shoes of some sort.

    The pinstriped linen suit is great as well... and a great price!