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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Purple / rain

Lads and ladies,

had asian dinner with a co-worker for lunch break and it tasted great! Still my mind´s on buying a weekender bag and i am looking forward to see my lovely girl...and i am happy to announce another member to join us here: welcome Andreas!

What is it that attracts girls to tiger prints? I mean, we all know hookers to wear stuff like that, but normal women should not sport bags, scarfs, shoes, undershirts or anything else even slightly resembling such things...just can´t get it.


  1. LOL. You REALLY don't like the tiger print, do you?

    Have a great weekend ahead. I hope you don't have to spot the "tiger" any where.

  2. die Duluth-Pack-Sachen sind richtig lässig.

    So eine Duffle-Bag wäre was für's Wochenende.
    Ich selbst bin mit meinem Holdall von Chapman ganz zufrieden. Filson wäre auch noch eine Möglichkeit.



  3. I love leopard print in moderation. I wouldn't be able to wear a dress, shirt, or pants with the print but I like it in accessories!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  4. @Prishta: would love to spot tigers, if only they were real...really don´t like the print on anything else, except...

    @donfanucci: danke für den Tipp! Habe mir ein paar angesehen, da sind echt schöne dabei :)

    @Elaine: ...except on Elaine. I´ve once said that you made it work and i still think that only you can do that :)