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Monday, August 2, 2010

Good news


welcome, H! Glad you made it to my blog and decided to stay for a little longer!

Had to stay a little bit longer in the office today and couldn´t get to my monday night beach session...not feeling bad at all, since i got word on the shoes i bought at ebay two decades ago: as i might have said, the parcel was delivered to the wrong adress and had been lost...until today, when the seller told me the shoes came back to him! I am pretty glad, you don´t find such shoes anytime...so i´ll be more than happy to pay another 30$ on redelivery...still like ´em a lot!

Those are vintage tassel loafer by the "Imperial line" of Florsheim, which is not produced anymore..a real thrift and they are in great shape, aren´t they?

Got news from Trigami: they certifiyed my blog reached. Trigami is the paid blogging host i once wrote about. I am now eligible to be part of their paid blogging service...we´ll see if i qualify for further missions...


  1. Die Florsheim Imperials sehen cool aus.
    Allerdings wäre mir persönlich ein Tassel-Loafer-Spectator-Hybrid dann doch too much -- und das sage ich selten ;-)
    Auf jeden Fall äußerst flamboyant...



  2. Gentile Don,

    Du kennst mich: ich beweg mich immer am Rand des gerade noch erträglichen :)

  3. hey spoozyliciouzz, we own the same suit!! that H&M pinstripe/seersucker looking khaki and white suit!! It's great, i always get compliments on it and no one ever believes that it is H&M. Great taste!!! Steal of a price!