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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time´s ticking away slowly


you may tell by the time this post went public that i am neither stuck in a bar sipping beer nor hunting for sale goodies in the streets of this city.
The upcoming evening will see me cooking (citrus-flavoured risotto with veggy-covered fish), watching a movie, phoning some friends and getting to bed early, cause one thing´s for sure: i am pretty much fucked up by yesterday night, which was longer than expected and planned.

It was sunny today, i felt like spending some time on my own, hence the pictures with improved backgrounds...nevermind the red sweater again, i just didn´t bring to much clothing items to DüDo.

The deets, if of interest:
- named jackett by Kuhn
- jeans by Hollister
- aforementioned shirt, worn with paisley cufflinks by Duchamp London
- woolen dark blue tie
- silk pocket square by the missed gf
- watch by Festina

Any suggestions?


  1. I really like the jeans. I should look at Hollister more exactly ;)
    Hey the trees become already green, I love that!

  2. @Alex: you definitely should...got a bunch of them, and they are great. Spring´s arriving!

  3. Hey,

    super Styling, was du hier jeden Tag präsentierst!
    Macht wirklich immer Spaß vorbeizuschauen und sich von deinen Fotos inspirieren zu lassen!

    Es wäre super, wenn du - so wie heute - auch in Zukunft noch öfter auf die Marken eingehen könntest und woher du deine Kleidung beziehst.
    Das würde mich persönlich sehr freuen, da ich noch am Anfang meiner Garderobe stehe und zum Teil noch nicht den Überblick habe, wo man Sachen mit hoher Qualität aber gutem Preis-Leistungsverhältnis herbekommt.

    Viele Grüße

  4. @Bernhard: danke für die Blumen :)
    Werde meinen zukünftigen Posts die Garderobeninfo anfügen...die meisten meiner Outfits werden wohl in der Summe nicht mehr als 200€ gekostet haben, eher weniger...
    Und klar gebe ich gern Tipps, wo man preiswert zuschlagen kann...

  5. I hope you finally got a fun, relaxed evening. Oh, I know how one feels after being overworked at the job. I love the Festina watch. It's one of my favorite styles.

  6. @Pratishta: yes, was pretty cool. Good food and a nice chat always do the trick. The watch was a gift by my mum for my first job, and it is still very cool.

  7. Hi there,

    I saw you wear a lot of ties. I've got some for sale.

    Check them here on ebay: myworld.ebay.com/withlovefromeurope

    PS: this isn't a spam message.

  8. @Ulrich: thx for taking the time to comment on my blog. Checked your offers, will keep an eye on them ;)