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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Late return, part 2


let me first of all welcome two new members to the blog: Antonio from www.atailoredsuit.com and Alex from thedancefloor.blogspot.com: thx for joining the gang and i will do my very best to entertain you guys (although i gotta admit that it´ll be hard, taking Antonio´s professional background and Alex style sense into account).

As for today´s outfit, i am apologizing sincerely for another crappy kitchen pic...i was spending most of my lunch time with a colleague and couldn´t take proper pictures. Returning late night, my only chance was to use the kitchen as a framing background...

Anyway, if you feel the need to complain about my outfit: feel free to do so!!
If you unexpectedly like it though, i am pleased to read your comments :)

The deets are:
- sand-coloured chukka boots via ebay.co.uk
- red chino pant by H&M
- blue sweater by McNeal
- blue cord-jacket by WE
- dark blue silk embroidered tie by Hackett (the one i bought yesterday)
- tartan coloured pocket square by M&S
- blue with white stripes oxford button down collar shirt by M&S


  1. I certainly like the outfit. Not your best, but still well put together.

  2. I really like the red chino.
    What belt is that?
    And thanks for the nice welcome :)

  3. @Scott: fair enough :)
    @Alex: the belt is from P&C, it´s made of blue textile fabric with a red framing, and a metal buckle.