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Monday, April 12, 2010

The hunt is on, baby!


first of all, let me state that i do take pride in welcoming another regular follower to the blog: give a hearty welcome to A.R....A.R., please feel free to participate in every way you want to!

For the rest of you guys: i had an easy start into the new week. Tings were pretty easy to handle today, the client was not demanding anything special and i could get out of the office at about six o´clock. And, oh boy, i wish i would have stayed...as ever, i used my free time to "just have a quick look at the local shops", with nothing particular in mind to buy. And there you go...holy crap, i went to TKmaxx and bought 5 ties and a linen jacket...

Best thing about the catches: the prize!! Originally, it would have exceeded 450 Bucks, and guess what i had to pay...only the tinies fraction ever...not even 100 euros...i am the best Sale-Hunter ever to wander on this planet, truly.

But see for yourself, and check out the outfit pics of today...

Today´s items:
- brown plain shoes by Topman
- sand-coloured chino pants by H&M
- dark blue sweater by McNeal
- white-blue shirt with french cuffs by McNeal
- jacket with red-yellow window pane by Kuhn Made-to-measure (bought via ebay)
- dark blue silk tie with white polka-dots by H&M
- silk pocket square with yellow-red paisley by Altea Milano

And here goes the Sale shopping...

- left side: dark blue silk embroidered knitted tie by Hackett London
- middle: grey and white dotted cashmir tie by Bäumler
- right side: dark and light blue striped no-name tie

left side: yellow and dark blue striped tie by Altea Milano
right side: orange tie with yellow paisley by Altea Milano

100% pure linen jacket by Eduard Dressler (needs to be tailored to the waist)

To summarize it: this day came off great!!