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Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunny day and sunny evening


my thursday was one you´d like to live through more often: sun all over the place, friendly people crowding the streets, a good chat with close friends and a successfull time at the office.
Additionally, it seems as if bow ties do attract young women of ethnic background...:)

Saying so, i am nevertheless looking forward to the upcoming two and a half days of leisure: seeing the lovely gf, hanging out with friends, spending time in a living room that has got to offer more than one single piece of furniture and finally being able to wear a sweater coloured differently from red and blue :)

Due to recent events, i have to learn how to sew, though : the blue cord jacket has let go one button, and i´d like to fix it myself, maybe replacing the black buttons by brighter ones. Any suggestions on that subject, guys? I thought about yellow or red or green...we´ll see what i´ll come up with.

I´ve been asked to post more details about the items in use, and i´ll surely help my young style fellows to rise from the depths of style-senselessness to the promising lands of Dressy :)

blue cord jacket by WE
blue sweater by Montego, bought at P&C
blue and white oxford button down by Marks & Spencer, bought online
green, blue and yellow tartan bow tie bought in the U.S., in an etsy shop
scarf bought at H&M
jeans by Hollister, bought via ebay
belt bought at P&C
shoes bought via ebay.co.uk
watch by Festina
silk pocket square by Altea Milano, bought at P&C

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