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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me and my shadow


not much to talk about today...just a bit of work, a short break and another day to notice that i definitely lack another pair of doublemonks...been staring at the blue ones i recently posted for nearly 10 min. Nerdy me...

Was pretty cool today, and my facial expression reads something like "wanna get back to my desk soon"...and the knot of tie just plainly sucks. Holy crap...and my hair is just one bloody mess. Gotta go to see the hairstylist soon.

Items used are:
- jacket by Esprit, bought at P&C
- cardigan by Topman, bought at Topman.co.uk
- shirt by Zara, bought at Zara
- tie by Altea Milano, bought at TKmaxx
- pocket square by unknown label, bought at P&C
- belt by unknown label, bougth at P&C
- jeans by Wrangler, bought at ebay.de
- shoes by Lacoste, bought at ebay.de


  1. Something is rotten in the state of D'dorf. You haven't packed enough shoes...so you had to wear those;-)

  2. @superpeanut: it is...it´s you missing and telling me what to do and what not to do :)

  3. You look so chic !! Really love your style !
    And great shoes

  4. Ich war am Montag dort und habe denen gesagt sie sollen ihn endlich aus dem Schaufenster nehmen wenn sie nichgt wollen dass in selbigen bald ein Loch ist. ;-)
    salut Grimod

  5. @Kim: thx a lot :)
    @Grimod: sehr vernünftig...ich schätze, nach mir kommt immer der Fensterputzer, um die Fingerspuren zu beseitigen :)

  6. Super Style und tolle Kombination!
    Immer wieder ein Genuss!


  7. Thanks for your comment and your advice! I appreciate it a lot. I really like the pattern on your shirt here.


  8. You are so critical of yourself! You look fine, and there is nothing so bad with the hair. And I love the tie.

  9. @Rachel: nevermind, you´re doing perfectly fine. I am honoured that you even consider reacting to it :). Thx for your sweet words again...

    @Pratishta: true, i am never satisfied entirely, and am my own severest critic. Thx for the compliment :)