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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Award winners announced...


i wanna put it out straight away: you guys are the most awesome, polite, refreshing blog crowed i have ever come across. I wanna thank you for all of your efforts, the time you spent commenting on the pictures shown in here, your suggestions, your stories, just about everything. I mean, you could spend your time surfing elsewhere, being entertained way better than in here, but still you come back every time and you even let me know what you think about the crap i´m uploading. That´s simply awesome, and i really wanna thank you guys for that.

Namely, the biggest THX goes out to:

- Rachel of Inspiration in Italy
- Pratishta of shotcotoure
- Kim of all about the style
- Tania of What would a nerd wear
- Elaine of Clothed much
- Alex of thedancefloor
- Republic of Chic of Republic of Chic
- Prutha of Do not shoe me
- Zanah of Mon Mode Blog
- Scott of The Cable Knit Collegian
- Philou of Suitorial
- Grimod of Grimod
- Tracey of The Tote Trove
- the lovely gf of mine :)
- Mike and the rest of the non-blogging, non regularly-following, but still reading crew (like Flamboyance, Sandro and the boys from Stilmagazin Pack)
- tbc...

Guys, you really rock me. Entirely.

Today´s outfit deets, if you like:

- red linen herringbone weave jacket by E. Dressler (needs to be tightened around the waist)
- purple sweater by H&M
- green paisley silk pocket square by H&M
- blue shirt with contrast colour by Christian Berg, bought at P&C
- blue relaxed fit chinos by Hilfigger (thinking about tightening the legs, what do you think?)
- grey cashmir tie by Bäumler, bought at TKmaxx
- messy hair by bed and No Comb
- shoes by Timberland

Black widows are on the streets...feeling not scared at all.

What´s up for the weekend, children?


  1. Mit dem Jackett gebe ich dir Recht, das könnte etwas enger. Dennoch finde ich Farbkombination super!
    Ich glaube, wir haben die gleiche Chino :) Ich finde sie gut so.
    Einen schönen Abend noch!

  2. @Alex: die Farbkombi fand ich auch gut, aber der Fit ist definitiv verbesserungswürdig.
    Chino: nice :)

  3. Wonderful outfit. Never seen a jacket quite like that. Thanks so much for the mention.

  4. Sehr coole Krawatte! Insgesamt sehr schöne Kombi.
    Du schaffst es immer wieder, uns zu zeigen, wie entspannt unterschiedliche Farben und Texturen zu tragen sind, ohne dass es bemüht wirkt.
    Thx for that!
    Übrigens: I'm about to start my own blog soon.


  5. I like the colours here, especially the sweater with the jacket. Yes to tightening the legs! I'm a fan of the idea.

    Thanks so much for the lovely mention, I'm honoured! It is great to find a well-dressed male like yourself who is interested in sharing your style with us all. :)