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Monday, April 26, 2010

All my bags are packed, ready to go...


the upcoming weekend will see me moving in and out of two apartments: moving out of the one i was living in with my ever-so-lovely gf, and moving our things to our new common place (a bit tinier than the current one, but still enough for 2 people), and moving my furniture to my new place in DüDo...hence i was packing my stuff during the whole weekend. Nevertheless i did not want to spoil the days by just being indoors, so we took a little break on saturday and went to Frankfurt, where we spent some quality time in the sun. Thx to the lovely sis for seeing us, next time you´ll be presented a guided tour through bars, theaters and clubs...

Anyway, the first outfit was worn on friday, the second on saturday...the one with the bow tie was complimented on like "You´re looking like Oscar Wilde" (not the worst thing one might hear), the second one like "What a fine suit". Yes indeed, it is a fine one :)

Here you go, fellas...as always, your thoughts are highly appreciated...

- jacket by Esprit
- cardigan by Topman
- shirt by suit supply
- bow tie is vintage ebay.co.uk
- shoes are loake 1880s doublestrap monks
- jeans by Tom Tailor
- pocket square is DIY


- linen suit by suit supply
- shirt by Jake´s
- knit tie by Hackett
- pocket square by M&S
- shoes by Grenson

Well, monday´s rapidly approaching. Tengo que dormir...hasta pronto!


  1. The 2nd outfit is my favourite. I love everything about it. Good luck with the new place!


  2. I love both outfits. They're both quite bold and creative. However, I'm not so sure the pocket square works in the first outfit. I'd go with a more subtle red or blue.

  3. i love the pocket square!!
    and good luck with your move!

  4. @Rachel: Thank you Rachel :)
    @Scott: good thought, really. That might have been the better choice, admittedly.
    @Tania: thank you :)

  5. I like this pocket square very much


  6. @Joe: what a pleasure to see you left some footsteps here :)...