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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ma Baker, gimme mo´ money...


i am pretty busy organizing my lovely gf´s and my move to our new place. Seems as if i have gathered a lot more things than i expected. At the moment i am really wondering if all the things will fit in my new appartment...Cheers to all our buddies who are helping us out, many thanx in advance!

The moment all this moving stuff has successfully passed, i´ll focus on improving my shape: i definitely need to do some sports again, let alone seeing a hairdresser. And i got to see the tailor, there is work for him on a jacket i recently wore...

Deets are as follows (and no, this is not to show that i am the lable king, but because people were asking for the manufacturer´s details):

- jacket by René Lezard
- cardigan by Topman
- shirt by Montenego
- tie by Gilberto
- jeans by Hilfiger
- shoes by Grenson
- pocket square by Altea Milano


  1. Nice fit!

    xx. http://livingafashionablelife.blogspot.com

  2. enough to make your collars curl ;)

  3. Amazing jacket! Very very nice. :)

    - Rachel

  4. @N: thx :)
    @Anon: true...
    @Rachel: thx :)
    @Tamanna: thx :)