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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Centennial post...


here it goes: this is my centennial post, hence it is time for a first conclusion.

This blog first started of with the aim to find well-dressed people on the streets, take pictures of them and to bring them up here to show the variety and diversity of styles...unfortunately, the streets did not provide too much inspiration (at least not the streets i was walking in), so the subject changed, and i decided to put myself up to face the criticism of the blogging world out there.

Soon after i started people were obviously liking what they saw and the number of followers constantly grew. It is now up to 25 people, which might not seem much, compared to others, but it still means everything to me. I really cherish every single reader, and do feel priviliged to have them here.

As for my centennial post, i could not have enjoyed anything more than being selected entry for the "outfit of the week" at stilmagazin.com. A really joy to read that guys that dress a hundred times better than me like what they see...thank you so much for that.

As for now, i hope i can entertain you guys even more in the future: be sure i´ll do my very best to live up to that self-imposed mission.
Confuting my words in the very same moment, please excuse those crappy pics that follow...it has been a late return after a great game of football my team won...forza FCB!


  1. Congratulations! I've enjoyed every post and every clever combination. Best of luck to you.

  2. Finally managed to offically follow - great blog!
    See you on SM.


  3. Good day Sir!
    Felicitations on your blog!
    I find a more casual oxford button-down shirt and a woven or knit tie harmonize an odd jacket , particularly tweed or corduroy, and suede chukkas much better than silk.
    The suede chukkas are extraordinary!


  4. I like your shoes pretty much!
    Very nice!
    Besides: How do you like my blog?

  5. @Scott: thank you so much for your regular appearance here, Scott. Really appreciate your input, literally every time!
    @Cambridge: honoured to have you here!
    @Alessandro: Thx, your suggestion is reasonable, i´ll have a second that about that :)
    @Mike: really like, i am now following you :)