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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bow tie time


i am watching yet another champions league match, and i am doing so not using my tele :)

Thx to the technical developments and the internetz, i can Sky-2 for free...admittedly, it´s not of the same quality...and there is the goal for Barcelona: they´re in the lead now!

Apart from that: here goes today´s outfit...love and hate is appreciated (but guess what, i prefer love...). Anyway, feel free to put down your thoughts...

Due to various requests i am adding the deets on the ouftits:

- jacket is vintage, bought via ebay.com (the tag says "Countess Mara", never heard of it before)
- shirt is Christian Berg bought at P&C
- silk bow tie is vintage, bought at ebay.co.uk
- cardigan was bought at Topman
- chino is Hilfiger, bought at ebay.com
- shoes are Loake 1880s series, double monk in brown, bought at www.loake-schuhe.de
- linen pocket square is by Joop, bought at P&C


  1. Very good outfit .. but you have to go to the hairdresser :-)

  2. @Alex: i cannot dismiss this argument...and thx for the praise :)

  3. Very nice! 'specially the antique look of your shoes. And I like the jacket's texture pretty much.

    But, as Alex said: Do something with your hair :-))

    And pls tell us the brands of your outfit.


  4. @Mike: thx :). You´re totally right about the hair. The moment my hairdresser returns from his trip around the world, i´ll get to see him :)

    I´ve added the outfit deets in the post above...

  5. Great outfit, nicely put together. I really like the jacket and the shoes especially.

    - Rachel

  6. i love the jacket! i think spring is here at kleidsam...

  7. @Tania: it definitely is...if only temperatures would do the same :)

  8. Your hair is kind of crazy here, but interesting. The leather bracelet is a nice touch.

  9. @Tote: my hair definitely needs to see a cutter, no doubt. Admittedly, i love those leather bracelets :)