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Monday, April 19, 2010

The purple master


i am asking myself if starting to work on monday on a regular basis could be avoided without experiencing career development setbacks? I mean, monday itself is great, but not for work. Everyone is still clinging back to his or her weekend, no one´s really feeling like diving into paperwork again and all you can ever do is to wait for monday to pass up. Do you feel the same, anyhow?

I went for purple themes today. Purple Socks, purple sweater and a white and purple pocket square. I´ve been wearing the tie on sunday, but never mind that, it just felt right to be combined with that grey jacket.

The deets, if you please:
- shirt by H&M
- sweater by H&M
- tie by Suit supply
- pocket square by M&S
- jacket by Esprit (guess what, the colour of the lining is....purple *g*)
- jeans by Tom Tailor
- socks by Viccel
- shoes by Timberland

Over and out...


  1. loving the purple with the grey....

    follow if u like what u see?

  2. @Prutha: i definitely like what i see :)