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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome to the family


aaaaaaawesooooooooooooooome !!

I got featured on What you wore, a section of What Katie Wore, one of the most influental blogs in this universe (at least in my version of the universe...)...how cool is that?? Joe even took his time to write a few phrases about the stuff i´m posting about here, which really makes me proud. And even more so, cause i have the pleasure to announce three more regularly followers to the blog: hope you´re having a good time over here, The Girl of Stuff and BoyundSchwester. Additionally, the family welcomes you, Bird in the Bush. So first and foremost: thank you so much Joe and Katie, and thank you to all the latter new followers...

Lately i have kind of fallen in love with the idea of wearing flowers in the button hole of my lapels...but sadly real flowers are to wither too soon to wear them more than once. So i was searching for an alternative when my fellow forumistas of stilmagazin.com suggested to check out knitted flowers...so, just one click over to Dawanda, a plattform similar to Etsy, and i found a lovely lady to produce some flowers in my favourite colours for me: her name is Conni, her shop is called Funny Faden, and she apparently did a great job...but see for yourself...

Today´s outfit was all-built around my new glencheck jacket: the light-blue shirt made an appearance once again. Together with a green-white striped knitted tie and a blue silk pocket square, it just felt right. Dark blue jeans, obligatorily cuffed, and a pair of cedar-red shiny shoes...and here you go:

I´m off to the pub once again, as it is time for our regular´s table. I´m curious whose appearance on stage we are to whitness tonight...footage of that will follow tomorrow.


  1. That's awesome!! Congrats on the feature! I love your knit tie - is it vintage?


  2. @Elaine: thx a lot :)
    The knit tie is a vintage-look-a-like...but derived from ebay ;)

  3. Your shoes are amazing. I've never seen anything quite like them. The tie is excellent, too. Who are the makers of these great pieces?

  4. really beautiful cuff links. where did you buy them?