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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A busy day at the office


i hope you had a good time doing whatever you´re inclined to do: may it be work, studies, hugging pillows (= sleep) or just walking around looking pretty and admirable.

My day at the office was rather exausting: due to the fact that my co-worker fell ill yesterday and didn´t show up today (actually a very reasonable idea, judging by what she sounded like when i was talking to her on the phone), i had to look after her projects, additionally to mine. Working in a media agency means trying to sometimes live up to deadlines you really can´t make. It also means telling your clients that plans and strategies can not be developed within 15 minutes after being briefed. Chasing after information bit by bit (which should have been part of the briefing and provided on the whole) should not distract you from being friendly and always willing to go the extra mile...but honestly, there are hundreds of jobs imaginably far worse than mine...

This morning i dressed like i knew what awaited me: sailing on the heavy office ocean. I instinctively went for solid naval colours like red, white and blue. I chose a dark blue jacket, a red v-neck knit and underneath dressed in a white shirt with dark blue stripes. To top that of, i was wearing my recently-acquired button lapel flower, naturally coloured in red, blue and white to resemble the other items. To add even more extravagance, i sported red socks and, naturally as captain of my ship, timerland boat shoes...


  1. I always enjoy the classic combination of red, white and blue. What sort of media agency job do you have?

  2. I love the look. Red sweater + red soks = love at first sight!
    I wish people would dress like you in my city :(

  3. Oh... An hour back, I stepped out for lunch and tried on this absolutely gorgeous dress in Sailor's Stripes, from Forever New. I love this color combination. Great way to give a mood hike to a busy-bee day. You look... great!

  4. @Scott: I´ll explain on your blog :)
    @Goddess: ah, your praise is so sweet. Thx ;)
    @Pratishta: welcome here, girl! Thx for the praise, i was wondering if it was too much...seemingly, it wasn´t :)

  5. well, i am not so into the denimstuff right now, so i'd have chosen a bright chino, i guess, but all in all, i really like this style. the flower totally rocks!