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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The weekend in DüDo


my lovely gf and me spent the weekend in DüDo, starting on friday night, when we attended the finals of "Unser Star für Oslo", a talent show casting our representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. It was quite entertaining to see those girls dancing and to hear them singing, which they both did very good.
But the best thing came last: we even had the pleasure to be part of the aftershow-party. Naturally, that meant free food and drinks, and be sure, we did not hesitate to waste ourselves away on sushi, rolls, curry sausages, soup, chocolate-covered frozen fruits, and so on...fair enough, we splurged plenty of drinks (white wine, beer, Gin Tonic....).

Saturday started easy, sleeping until ten thirty and having breakfast in a café next to the Dome of Cologne. After that we commuted to DüDo, to go check out some rooms for me to live by the start of april (i am soon to start a new job). The first visit turned out to be rather useless: the room being shabby and the whole flat in a rather scruffy state...the second visit was kind of promising, though: the guys living in this flat seemed to be fairly nice and the whole place was tidy, well-furnitured and seemingly recently renewed...i am hoping to receive a call soon to be welcomed there.

I did check on my outfit quite some time...and here is the result: houndstooth brown and beige vintage jacket, blue checked shirt, burgundy red cardigan and a blue and red tartan bow tie. A beige coloured corduroy pant and brown shoes completed the thing...

By the way: welcome our new family member! Great to have you here, Harry Lime...hope you like the stuff, and please feel free to comment on whatever you like / dislike!

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  1. thank you for your kind words, dennis! i hope you like my new blog.

    best regards