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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is in the air

Holla out there,

after the winter must come spring: everything is everything...thank you Lauryn for stating that. It seems as if spring is approaching cause temperatures are rising back to normality and flowers are on the way to blossom...

With nature getting back to colours apart from brown, white and black (the latter two not being colours themselves to be precise, but for the sake of the arguement...), it seems not too overwhelmingly exaggerated to wear bright colours such as yellow, blue and green. I have to warn the more mono-chromatic type of you guys: the following pictures are showing a guy not caring much about modesty and reluctance in terms of style, but one who is willing to go all the way...

Item wardrobes are:
- yellow green blue tartan bow tie
- yellow button saying "Be a winner" (what else? *g*)
- blue-striped white shirt, french cuffed (worn with yellow-blue silk knots, the ones you know from various other posts)
- yellow cardigan
- beige jacket
- purple-white polka dot pocket square
- blue cotton chino trousers, cuffed as ever
- green socks
- tan chukka boots


  1. die schleife...phänomenal!!!!

    really nice...

  2. That is a lot of color! But you make it work.


  3. A very nice look, yet again. You have an excellent sense for combining colors.