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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Originality vs. Inspiration


i have been recently posting some pictures of random guys wearing great outfits, among them was a guy named Philou. He is a great photographer and really knows how to dress (justification is just around the corner).

One of his recent posts showed him wearing a red chino pant, which inspired me to go for today´s outfit. There are similarities, and yet i think i was able to pull out something different and hopefully original...

Items are:
- dark blue velvet single button jacket by H&M
- white cotton pocket square by M&S
- white-blue striped cutaway collar shirt by Gilberto
- blue-yellow-white-red lapel button knitted flower by Funny Faden
- yellow vintage paisley tie by Edsor Kronen
- blue and red cotton belt by McNeal
- cuffed red chino pants by H&M
- two-eyelet brown boat shoes by Timberland
- dark blue and red argyle socks by Burlington


  1. The pants look ill-fitting compared to your other pants... It's because you're so skinny!


  2. I really like that you went with a white pocket square, as not to overdue the boldness of the tie and pants. My one change would be wingtips or monkstraps instead of boat shoes.

  3. @Elaine: damn it, and those are even tagged as "skinny fit"...what am i to do now? ;-)
    Gotta eat more?
    @Scott: yeah, you´re right, monkstraps might have been the better choice. On the other hand, there is no single item representing the feel of summer as much as boat shoes...besides from Espandrillas, Loafers and bare-feet, i guess :-)

  4. My vote goes to Loafers :)

    "Rangeela" means Colourful
    "Dilruba" - Sweetheart
    "Sherdil Tobacco" literally translates to Tiger Heart Tobacco :) These words are popular street slang and you'll see a lot of shops/local brands named after them. It's quintessentially Indian :)

    Cooldrinks mispronounced as Cooldrings is how Coke or Pepsi is referred to here. And our 'finger dipped' garam (hot) chai is world famous ;) (look closely at the guy carrying the tea)

  5. and i'd love to see your tonight's green outfit..

  6. aaaawesome, especially the chinos.. where did you buy the jacket and the flowers?

  7. Hello! Thank you for your comment, :) and I really appreciate your opinion on style as well so thanks for the input also! Well I certainly do like what I see here on your blog, you have a good sense of style. I have to be honest I can't stand the way a lot of men dress in the US, especially when working in an office I would see the worst suits, haha! Men here in Italy seem to care a bit more about fit, which is awesome. Of course I can't speak for everyone, I'm sure there are exceptions in both countries. Anyway, I like your outfit in this post, especially the collar shirt.

  8. @Republic: thx for the explanation :)
    @tima: thx :)
    @philou: no green today, the blue jacket was bought at H&M. The flower was bought at Dawanda, the shop is called Funny Faden
    @Inspiration: Thx for the praise :)

  9. Is this picture taken in your office? If so, does style end at the decision about the carpets?

    Concerning your Outfit: Love the trousers/jacket combination. Boat shoes to the office is a complete no-go for myself. Hope you wanted to go sailing later on.