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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick´s Day without any green


i am a guy that puts things straight forward: i did not even waste one single thought on integrating a green item in my wardrobe today, let alone something red or white (well, the first colour mentioned might be found on the shoes, the second one in my shirt: but honestly, they have been there for ages). Call it intolerance, but i missed the fact that it´s St. Patrick´s day completely: which is why i am able to post tonight, and not appear on stage in our regular Irish Pub, singing songs and sipping Kilkenny.

As i was surfing the net yesterday evening, i came across a french company selling beautiful shoes called "Markowski". And guess what, i definitely would have found some...how do you like these:

They are now on the list of "Thingstobuywhenbeingwelloff". Next to them, those lovely velvet slippers are to be found:

For now, i have to keep to the things i own and store in my closet, which is just fine. There is some progression from the list of "Thingstobuywhenwelloff" to the list of "Boughtandgivingpleasure", however. Admittedly, what i am talking about is not worth waiting for if you are not that much into shoes like i am, and still...drums, please:....it is polishing wax in different colours, whoooooaaaa! I am seeing forward to trying it on some of my shoes...

And still: not being able to buy everything you dream of right away leaves space for second thoughts and alterations. As with wine, style develops over the course of time and is influenced by the way you live, the people you meet, the tunes you here...

Leaving the path of poetry brings me back to today´s outfit. I was in the mood for lighter colours today, so i chose to wear a
- light tan jacket with yellow window pane
- silk blue paisley pocket square
- knitted flower
- blue-white striped shirt
- woolen blue herringbone tie
- white pair of jeans
- tan Burlington socks
- tan Grenson shoes with artificial burgundy red and dark blue antiguing
- a tan belt matching the colour of the shoes

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