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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Answer to the ultimate question

Dear followers,

i finally can give you the answer you all longed for throughout your whole life (maybe you didn´t know, but you´ll admit i´m right): yes, god exists.

How did i find out? Well, it´s a simple question (Does he exist?) and there is a simple answer: it must have been god who infused the sense of style into man. There is no other explanation to why such great style sense can be found even in such a benighted place.

I met the following gentleman this morning, when i was waiting for the bus. He just did so as well, and we had a little chat about his whereabouts and wheretogoes...and yes, please absorb every detail of his fine wardrobe: brown shoes, paired with lovely corduroy pants, dark blue heavy knitted sweater, a white shirt underneath, a grey elbow-patched tweed jacket and a black cap on top of his head. Due to my own foolishness i didn´t take a picture of his very cool vintage glasses...and what a bag...just classic. Enough said, here goes the man:

I recently came across an article in one of my favourite blogs, the An Affordablable Wardrobe. It dealt with bow ties, and cited some pretty good sites to buy some. Having checked out the offers, i went for the following two, that just arrived today, being sent over from Canada:

Aaaah, bow ties...seems to become my new guilty pleasure...nothing wrong with that, i guess.
Today´s outfit consisted of pale blue jeans, dark blue jacket (stolen from my father´s closet, it is the one he wore for his wedding), pale blue shirt and my well-known paisley bow tie.


  1. LOL That makes sense then!!

    You pull off bowties very well.


  2. that man at the bus stop is indeed dapper! clearly proof there is a god to infuse style into people, i think.

  3. That's such a great bag he's carrying. It's one of those timeless ones. I even think it goes beyond gender. I must get one. Hmm.. I like this line of reasoning ;)