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Monday, March 8, 2010

All things new in march...



Despite a rather paingiving day in the office (nothing went the way it was intended to), i am in a very good mood this evening. Why, you ask? Well, first of all, i received two parcels, one containing a lovely jacket, which was never worn and tailor made-to-measure using outstanding italian fabrics. I bought it via ebay (the price being reduced by 81,4%, from 370 € to 69€) and although i didn´t stand model for it, it perfectly fits...the other parcel came from Woolovers, a very recommendable shop for high-quality knitwear...a grey lambswool-cashmir blend cardigan.
If that were not enough, i even got more cheered up by an email i received from Joe, founder and writer of one of my favourite blogs, WHAT KATIE WORE. The guys got a section called "What you wore" where they feature other outfits, and guess what, i had the balls to suggest myself to be put up there....and they really think about that...what greater blessing could come upon me?

Well, i could surely name one: a place to live in DüDo. It seems as if people are freaked out by a guy who likes to wear ties and jackets along with jeans...i really doubt i can find a roof to shelter me from rain and the cold until the beginning of april....but hope springs eternal...

Anyway, i promised to show you guys my new jacket and the recently thrifted pair of trousers...here you go: i am wearing them with a light blue white striped shirt with french cuffs, a blue paisley tie and a dark blue cotton pocket square with an embroidered logo on it. Finishing this one of, i chose to wear my Grenson Derby with self-applied red and dark-blue antigue finishing.


  1. I love the mixing of the different colors and patterns of your suit jacket and pants! And I love that you're showing the embroidered logo in your kercheif.


  2. @Elaine: and i love your praise :)

  3. Hi Dennis

    Thanks for the shout out on your blog. And, check it out - you're on my blog!


  4. I have a pair of shoes very similar to yours, with the darker detailing at the toes and the back. How do you preserve that? Thanks!!

  5. @Anon: that´s rather hard, actually...every two to three weeks, i got to put cream on it and shine them afterwards...and you got to wear them rather carefully, cause you see every mark on the black part.

  6. So do you use black polish on the front and brown on the rest of the shoe and blend in the part where they merge? It's very intriguing. Maybe you can do a post on that sometime? :)

  7. @Sal: to be precise, i use dark blue and burgundy red shoe cream on the front and tan brown shoe cream on the rest of the shoe. After blending the two colours on the toe cap, i polish them with a brush that is covered by a nylon sock. It takes sometime, but 15 minutes of polishing with a drop of vinegar (no kidding!) just shine them like crazy (you might check on of my other posts, in which i am wearing red shoes and dark blue jeans: the shoes do shine a lot, having used the above-described technique)