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Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a weekend...


it is sunday evening and it is now time to draw a result of the last 48 hours: what an awesome time i had...it all started of on friday, when i met some friends at a local bar. After a good chat and some fairly nice drinks we decided not to spoil this evening by going home, but by drowning another drink at one of my friend´s place...and hell, when i finally struggled to a rise and go home, the night had turned to day and light was all over the place...not a thing i experience quite often.
After a good sleep i hurried to a local retailer, fetching up a jacket and a pair of trousers. The tailor did a good alteration job (and he better had so, cause it was high-priced). You´ll have the chance to judge it by your own tomorrow, i am going to wear the jacket and the trousers.

Saturday evening all passed by without any significance, besides from me going to bed early (and by early, i mean about 1 a.m.). Getting up at round about 10, i hoovered my place and then went of for indoor climbing. I definitely need more practice time on that again...i didn´t suck as much as i feared, but my skills can definitely be improved...
Finally, we cheered up the local ladies basketball team, yet unsuccessfull. But drinking beer, hanging around with your mates and shouting on the opponent team, calling them names and stuff, is just classy (and not having a clue about basketball rules is as well).

So much for my weekend...but sure, the major question of what i wore has not yet been answered. I only captured today´s outfit, a rather casual, yet very comfortable look...

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