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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Style = Esperanto ?


i was really amazed today: seemingly, my thoughts, often trivial and meaningless, seem to attract people somehow. I can think of no reason why you should come back and check on new posts again and again, if it was not for my shots and my babble...really love that :)

Today, i wore my "new" jacket...in this context, "new" means recently bought, but not recently made. It is a vintage jacket from the US, a mixture of pure wool and silk, the weave reminds me of tweed. The colour is a mixture of tan, sand and blue and red strips woven into it...combining it with dark blue cords, a brown-pink striped tie and a deep blue shirt with white contrast collar, it looked just right. Shoes are from english shoemaker Grenson, a cognac calf brogue derby.