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Monday, February 8, 2010

Today´s Outfit


despite the fact that it's still quite cold outside, today was the first day (since ages) it was neither snowing nor raining. That enabled me to put on my new sand-coloured chukka boots, the ones i bought two weeks ago. Additionally, i wore my recently-altered jacket (sleevea shortened and waist tailored), which i was really looking forward to.

So, just be stunned by today´s outfit...as always, comments are appreciated...


  1. Gorgeous tie. Gorgeous boots. Could that jacket fit any better? :)

  2. Very nice boots indeed!!! If I may ask, where did you get these? What brand?
    The sleeves need to be shortened at least 2 more inches imho...

    Felicitations on your blog!


  3. @Alessandro: thank you, they were a great catch at ebay.co.uk, there is no brand name attached...the sleeves of this jacket have been shortened meanwhile :)