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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Farewell Alex...hello star singer.


Alexander McQueen is dead. Most of you, i am sure, have known him to be a creative fashion mastermind. Seemingly he couldn´t stand the death of his mother, so he commited suicide...i guess he's better off with it...if the fashion industry is as well? I don't know...

Back from death to life: yesterday another gathering was held at our regular table at the Irish Pub in Wiesbaden...and hell yeah, screw you who missed it. I performed. Not in a fashion way (that's what i usually do), but in an audible sense. I seized the opportunity when the stage was empty, and sang three songs: the first was "This thing called love", followed by "Bailar la Bamba" and i finished off the crowd with "I feel good" by godfather of soul, James Brown...and whoa, what can i say: people were going nuts, but in a positive way. Although i´m quite sure i didn't manage to be in tune all the time, generally speaking they enjoyed my vocals. But as always, a man is nothing without a team behind him, so thank you Band (i don´t even know their names, they just happened to be on stage, too :-)).

Yet there were other great singers on stage...especially a girl whose voice sounded very much like Nora Jones'. She did a pretty good job up there, and i would have loved to duett with her...if only she left quite nearly. So i sneak up to her the next time, i guess...and there was another girl just as well, a thin blonde with curly hair. Hell, she had a crazy voice too, sounding like an mixture of Melissa Etheridge and....and....well, like Melissa Etheridge. You can here a sample of her further down that post.

Guys, check out the vids, and have a look at my stage outfit :)

If you ask yourself by now what the pack of ladies is bringing unto me in the following picture, be reassured: i´m stil alive. Today was "Altweiberfastnacht", the opening day of the carneval season. As customs have it ladies are entitled to cut one´s tie and you´re not allowed to withdraw yourself from that practice...knowing that, and knowing the evil spirits of my colleagues, i wore a never-to-turn-up-from-my-closet-ever-again tie...speaking quite frankly, i was pleased to have that ugly biest being cutted from my neck. Thank you ladies...my acting is very convincing, isn´t it?


  1. I think it's fabulous you have a fashion blog! Men need to dress well too...and show it! You mix textures and patterns so well, I'm about to cry.


  2. I landed here by mistake but man, you’re fabulous! I’m amazed of how well and original you dress. I can appreciate a boy with taste but one that can actually dress like a million buck in a non- mainstream kind of way is really a rare bird! Props!:)

  3. Gorgeous paisley cufflinks. Like how the prints clash too :)

  4. 3 verschieden Muster! Ist nicht mit 2 Mustern und einmal Uni Schluß?

  5. Ich behaupte, dass es ne Geschmacksfrage ist...

  6. Super Combo Spoozy, dein Patternmix wird immer besser muss ich sagen!