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Saturday, February 13, 2010

What to do on a saturday...

Holla out there,

damn, i am very grateful at the moment: more and more people seem to come here, enjoy what i am posting and even take their time to leave comments. I really appreciate all of your input, and i really like the inspiration i get from your blogs. What could i ask more for?

Yesterday´s outfit saw my newly bought tie, a brown herringbone weave type of. Along with a blue cord jacket, blue checked shirt with french cuffs and blue jeans, it just made my day. As you might have noticed, i am very much into all shades and kinds of blue.

Today my gf and me went to the city to have our empty gas bottle (the one for making sprinkled water) replaced by a new one. Unfortunately, the shop had been closed, so we didn´t get a new one. Instead we went to Anson´s, a popular men´s fashion outfitter, that has massive sales right now...and hell yeah, you guys know me. I´m a real bargain hunter, and the hunt was successfull:

one french-cuffed shirt, two ties and a pocketsquare for 40 Bucks...can you ask for more? I don´t think so...

Additionally, we stopped for the obligatory coffee break, and were sitting in a historical coffee shop, one that was founded over 150 years ago...the interior was all like you expect it to be: dark brown furniture, waitresses dressed in black and white, a huge amount of cakes, chocolates and tartlets and very old-fashioned people (in terms of style, not attitude)...although the photo isn´t very good, this lady really made my day...if you like to check it out, here we go.

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