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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feeling blue


i didn´t manage to get out of bed properly this morning: seems as if i kind of overslept, if that is possible at all. Does too much sleep harm you the same way too little sleep does? I am not sure...i just didn´t feel good this morning (and it didn´t improve much during the course of day).

I might have mentioned two or three times before: the combination of shirt, tie, jacket and the rest is always a resemblance to the mood you´re in. Mine was blue, as was my outfit...blue tie, white-blue shirt and blue jacket...


  1. This is what I meant by impeccable taste, see?
    Not a thing out of place.

    Scary standards to live up to. Ahem ;)

  2. I'm so sorry you were feeling a little blue today! But I DO love the blue in your outfit! The jeans look really nice with a shirt and tie. I was always against it but I think you just changed my mind!

    Don't forget to enter to win a tankini of your choice!


  3. cooler Stil...perfekt aber eine Tasche fehlt!