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Friday, February 19, 2010

Being sporty...


it´s been ages since i exercised my body, but yesterday was the day to dress sportily and get my muscles back to work finally. I left my desk quite early yesterday (about 6 p.m.) and first stopped at the local warehouse, to supply a friend of mine with my unlimited knowledge about bathroom interior design and door construction (honestly, i don´t even know what i am talkin about, i´ve got not even a hint of handyman´s trade in my blood)...

Soon after i had dinner, we stopped at the gym and the training session was about to begin. After 2 hours of restraining practice, my knees felt like being cracked and my lungs were stung...but honestly, exhaustion caused by sport is worth all the pain...

Having said that, i really didn´t feel blue but achy today...which is better, despite the pain. I really loved the idea to wear a pink tie today, and in my opinion it went quite well along with that creme jacket (you can´t judge it by the pics, but it has some faint trades of colour in its weave, like red, blue, yellow, pink...it´s awesome).

What really pleased me was to see how the antiguing worked out on those shoes...a mix of blue and dark red shoe polish, along with massive shining hours just made the job...but you may decide that for yourself.

Tonight i am going to play some Poker, and hell i promise to strip my guys naked...not literally, but in terms of money. It´s all about the Benjamin´s, isn´t it?

Have a great weekend guys, and i´m seing forward to your comments and upcoming posts on your blogs!


  1. Kudos to you for working out! I myself hate exercise; it's all I can do to eke out a few crunches each week. As for your outfit, it's really fresh; I especially like the pink tie.