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Tuesday, March 22, 2011



spring is taking up pace and i need to say that i feel accordingly, at least when it comes to dressing. Despite the fact that the mornings still call for extra layers to go underneath the jacket (e.g. cardigan), one can notice rising temperatures with every hour passing...

Scott Alexander, author of The Cable Knit Collegian and shop owner of CKC shoppe, inspired me to host my own shop, which´s entrance can be found in the left corner. Additionally, i recently bought some ties over at Scott´s and now look what he got me: how awesome are those? (the two on the left even came as a gift...). Thx a lot, Scott and i recommend you guys checking the stuff he has over there (and mine as well :)).

The comments:

@David: great minds think alike, don´t they ? :)


  1. What a great attire! This one's a WOW! Und was für ein unfassbar fantastische Krawatte!

  2. Incredible outfit today. Thank you so, so much for the publicity. I really hope you enjoy the ties. I've had the gold and red ties for a long time, but they weren't really my style. I knew you could make great use of them.