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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Damien, once more!


it´s always nice to find out that you share certain feelings with others. Even the more so when both parties voice their thoughts concurrently, as happened today. I´m pretty much a music addict (apart from fashion) and was totally surprised when my colleague I told me she favoured the same bands like i do. Nice!

Clothwise i brought out the red slippers again, a db jacket and a bow-tie. Calling for spring, i´d say.

The comments:
@Scott: you´re welcome...don´t know how to incorporate those two ties yet, but i guess i´ll find a way :)


  1. I'm a music addict in a big way, but I tend to veer towards the slightly more offbeat side of things in my interests.

    But really, I there's artists that I like in just about every genre, including metal, country, noise, hip-hop, and loads of other styles. And don't even get me started on classical, as I'll go on for ages.