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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Various topics to be covered


oh, what a beautiful and amazing weekend i had...spent quality time with my lady, went sale shopping and to the cinema, gathered with friends at a local coffee bar...nothing better than that (topic #1)

Secondly, had a smooth start today...nothing too hard, but still being busy. Best thing: went to see Julian for the second fitting of my bespoke waistcoat, and it´s shaping up more and more. (topic #2).

After my return home, i cleaned up my messy place, using my new vacuum cleaner (thanx a lot, Mum!). Then i planed to blog, but completely failed...why? I forgot to bring the cable from our place to Düdo and had to search for alternative ways to get the pics up on the net...took me nearly 2 hours to figure out how to extract them....and then i fucked up my archive: due to my incapability, i deleted one of my picasa albums, resulting in missing pics in 2010 posts...god damn!! (topic #3)

A propos: the tie i´m wearing today has been graciously given by Mr.Midwester, a great fellow blogger. His project named Style Share is all about sharing great stuff with bloggers from all over the world, thus gathering pictures of how they incorporate those things into their wardrobe. So, here´s my treat on that...


No comments to answer today...so, what do think of this get-up?


  1. The tie is fantastic! Mine arrived today as well from Herr Midwester. I love the ducks on yours!

  2. Double dimples on the ducks! Looks great, man. Glad that you've already worked it into rotation.

  3. Very classic look with a couple twists. I'd love to have pants that color.