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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Style share, part 2


yet again another beautiful sunny day in Düdo, one to spent time on the streets...and to break out colours! Excuse the shitty tie knot, didn´t manage to dimple it today.

This is the second post on my fellow blogman Mr.Midwester´s Style Share, a great project that focusses on spreading good textile taste all over the world. I have been part of that process (to my utmost pleasure) and am happy to be granted such a beautiful, vintage woolen orange tie! Thanx a lot, Aaron!

By the way: lately i haven´t been tagging my entries that much. In order to improve on my search engine results, i shall lable my posts better in the future :)

The comments:

@Yankee-Whiskey-Papa: yes, it is absolutely fantastic. Still one tie to go...
@Mistermidwester: sure thing, the ties are absolutely fabulous! Couldn´t wait to bring them out!
@Scott: cheers, Scott. I like its brightness a lot :)

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