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Tuesday, February 1, 2011



seems as if i have lately grown some obsession with the colour of orange...today the sweater and the pocket square contained some. Excuse my grumpy look in the first pic, i am slow starter into the day (i took the pic this morning before i got to work.)

Apart from that i went to Neuss to check some stuff at TKmaxx. What a waste of time, really epic. Feels like goods haven´t changed since my last ride there (which was in early november). Well, i certainly saved money. Not that bad, taking into account that i´m still longing for a brown herringbone tweed jacket...

I´ve now discovered that i can make use of my WiFi-only Ipad, even if it´s not logged into my wlan at home...i´ll use my mobile to make up a hotspot, thus being able to serve as a modem for my Ipad. This way i can surf whereever i take the ipad...awesome!

The comments:
@Scott: thanx for your kind words, Scott. Been browsing through your last entries, but didn´t find time to comment. But be sure i read them!
@Anon: cheers, although i must admit i´ve stolen the idea :)
@David: thank you and you´ll find more of it above :)

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