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Monday, January 31, 2011

Back from Austria and back to work on Wall....hm, Green Street


spent a lovely week in Austria skiing. Me and a bunch of guys had all sorts of fun and it wasn´t even about anything related to clothes (well, in fact, only a bit). Weather´s been great except for one day, mood´s been fairly enthusiastic and everything went well.

So, when i got back to work today i felt the need to get dressed again. And that is why i chose my recently aquired vintage db vest to be part of the ensemble: the orange tie always reminds myself of Wall Street traders, but don´t ask why...and to top it of, bright orange socks.

I am now seizing the opportunity to thank one of my fellow bloggers, Yankee-Whiskey-Papa: good Sir, your present has been delivered and it is of utmost pleasure to me. Thank you so much for handwritten words and the goods that were part of it. I´ll definitely find a place for the collars to use! Thank you once again, kind sir, for your generiousity and if you ever make it to Düsseldorf, we´ll have a drink or two :)

For the rest of the crew, there´s only one thing to say: welcome and hello to Savile Joe!


  1. Glad to see you back! Very nice take on the classic navy and charcoal look. Beautiful tie.

  2. Welcome back! The orange is looking great!