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Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspector Gadget...


just returning from a dinner´s night with some co-workers and some sale reps from one of Germany´s bigger publishing corporations...plenty of italian foot, tasty white whine and nice chats.

Well, if you certainly don´t know Inspector Gadget: he was my childhood hero, a cool detective always being a bit gawky, thus being helped / saved by his kid. Nevertheless, that guy got style...and yes, you must be a man of high self-esteem to wear that get-up in public...

Thanx to Yankee-Whiskey-Papa, i could sport a collar pin today...really the first time for me, but i liked it a lot. Thanx a lot, Yankee!!

Additional props go out to:
@Scott: it certainly is...more of it on monday :)
@David: thx, David!
@superpeanut: and i love you to like it. Seeing forward to be with you soon!!
@David: some will call this coordination "trying to hard"...for me it just feels right :)


  1. Awesome look man, love the plaid trench! Good job detective....

  2. Perfect trench. I'd have gone with black shoes, but I still love the outfit.

  3. The aqua trench looks good as always, and I'm really liking that paisley tie. I don't believe there's such a thing as "trying too hard" if you know how to dress, rather I think of it as "making sure you look good."

  4. Question for you: How do you get the outside shots with you walking towards the camera? A helper, or just set it up with self-timer and do a couple takes walking towards the camera until you get something you like?

    This is a great combo, as usual. You pull off the DBs well.