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Monday, January 10, 2011

Taken over the weekend


spent a lovely weekend with my gf and some dear friends (and the hairdresser)...attire has been wicked, as always. The following ensembles have been worn on three successive days, from friday throughout sunday...and yes, this is yet another selfmade bow tie, all handsewn by me and finished by my supermum ;)

Saturday...right after my visit to the coiffeur...

Sunday finals...red cords / grey cardy / Grensons again. 


  1. Great selections. Some of my favorite looks yet.

  2. Awesome outfits as allways.

    Can you make a guide for self made bow tie?

    Keep up the good work!

  3. No return from Mr. Anon?? He was all talk and no walk huh?

  4. I want those brown shoes please....haha

    Check out my shoe design blog too? All my designs are hand-drawn also...Keep up the great work and take care....x


  5. Especially the pic in the middle shows a man whose clothes support his expression and give him a natural authority. A strong picture.
    In a way the formal clothes you wear (and the way you wear them) do not do the same thing with you. I think the preppy look really fits you best and gives you kind of a natural authority.