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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Repped in J. Crew


this was just one of those monday mornings, when you don´t wanna wake up, everything is fuck, everybody sucks. You don´t really know why, but you wanna testify, rippin´ someone´s head off....no, not really, was allright (but that Limp Bizkit track is, despite its age, still dope), but pretty cold.

There was one remarkable thing, though, one noteworthy occassion: my colleagues all congratulated me on my new haircut. All but one, J didn´t like it that much...well, you certainly never can satisfy everyone. Which brings me to our great sport Mr. Anon, who seemed to antipicate a different reaction to his great post. Despite the fact that my outfits are still far away from being reasonable, he doesn´t share his thoughts with us...or as Justin from The Shoe Snob said: only talk but no walk...

Thirdly, i am honoured to announce yet another member to this blog: Yankee-Whiskey-Papa, himself being a man of great taste and of charming writing skills. Make sure you check out his blog and never act as deciphered on his party entry...he´s totally right calling those people assholes. 

Pictures, finally:

Answers to the latest comments:
@Scott: seems as if i can get you anytime with those vest looks :)
@Mats: glad you made your way here...i probably could, but here is a really good one that i used for my own bows: Greg´s tutorial on how to make a bow tie
@Justin: hmm....maybe he´s gone blind from all those weaves/colours/textures...and fallen down the stairs from his throne sitting in the highest room of this ivory tower...
@Prad: cheers, but i can´t probably pass them along. They´re just too lovely...and checked your blog, i really liked it!


  1. Thanks so much for your kindness...

    Why not follow my blogspot if you are liking what you have seen so far, or are wanting to keep up to date with my latest designs...?

    Take care

  2. What a great mix between classic American and European styles. That tie is really versatile and in conjunction with the cardigan, really makes the outfit pop.

    I think the haircut looks good as well.