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Friday, January 14, 2011

A quarterthousand posts on human interaction


ever since i started blogging, i had the feeling of being a part of a big community. A community that is not actively formed by joining a club or becoming a member of some fraternity, but by common interest and common shared attitude towards personal communication.

For us bloggers, sharing thoughts is what it´s really about. Being keen on the ideas of others is our mutual fuel for getting our stuff out there, everyday i guess. At least, that´s what it´s like for me...
I´m just telling you because i received an email today, by Tim, who thanked me for passing along the recommendation for Viccel. It felt great to know that someone would like the stuff that i recommended...and what even made my day better: unexpected praise and the start for my first bespoke project, the double-breasted waistcoat, made from the finest Breanish POW check. Julian, who will be in charge of the operation, was a great host tonight and worked his measurements all around my upper boday. Thx again for having me, Julian, and seeing forward to the results :)

So, my 250th post sees me wearing blues and greys...and a hat:

The comments:
@Paisly Curtain: thanx, and yes, it certainly does...not sure if that´s a good thing, though ;)
@David: thank you for your insightful comment, David. I think that rule totally makes sense...even if a modern twist on that subject isn´t too bad at all. It all depends on how you do it :)
@Yankee-Whisky-Papa: well put, Sir. I totally agree with you on the matter :)
@Mistermidwester: thank you so much, Aaron!!


  1. Please let us hear and see more of that spiffy carry-all bag...

    Many thanx!


  2. Exquisite. Happy to see you have cut your hair. There is no virtue in looking like a dirty hippy. Beautiful style, as always.

  3. DIe Uhr würde ich definitiv tauschen. Es gibt so viele gute und günstige "SWISS MADE" Uhren. Da muss so ein TH teil wirklich nicht sein.

  4. Loooooove it :)


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  5. Spooz - Love that tweed coat, nice find!! You slot in a trip to London yet?

  6. I like it, but i would like to see more colors. I miss youre personal twist.

    - Mats