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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time for some colourplay


just returning from some physical excercise, some sandy dips and a shot of ginger ale...anyways, here are today´s outfit pics:

As always, there have been comments, here are the answers:

@Scott: that´s why i posted them here...this is some seriously great stuff and we share the same grief of not possessing such treasures...will sport the Rooster tie the day after tomorrow :)
@TO: oh, has been purchased on ebay years ago...can´t even remember the price...
@TheShoeSnob: nope, no Red Wings, but a fake version from a fashion brand called Bugatti...but they do resemble the original quite well, don´t they? :)


  1. Wo kriegt man solche Cordhosen? Ich finde immer nur welche in Opa-Schnitten mit Bundfalten usw.

  2. The tie goes incredibly well with those burgundy cords. Also, there's something about the color of brown suede that you can't get with any other shoe, it works so well with Fall/Winter colors, it creates such a nicely structured look.