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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giving away presents...and playing on fabrics / textures


my company supports a local initiative that is giving young children of difficult social background (may it be financial or social issues) presents for christmas. Therefore the kids could write down a wish list of two parts, one being a book they´d like to read, the other a small present.
It so turned out that their reading interest covered various topics, from historical novels to contemporary fiction or science literature. However, they all went for the same play-thing when stating their "game" wish: small devices called "Beyblades", a thing i can´t even image what to do with...and what is even worse: it´s completely sold out!! You can´t get it on amazon, nor on ebay, neither via Toys'R'us...wicked. My colleague and i went bought something else now...a Lego Star Wars fighter...pretty cool gear, too (at least i would like it if i were a kid at that age).
Anyway, it´s about giving a child something for a present...and i believe the idea behind deserves support.

Speaking about giving presents, my fellow blog comrad Mister Midwester gives away some of his stuff for free. There is a nice jacket that´s far to big for me, along with a nice tie to be grabbed for free. Yes, for free!! No hidden traps, no fraud, just plain loveliness on his side. Only thing you got to do is hosting a pic when wearing his / your stuff...make sure you check it out HERE!! . His generiosity inspired me to give away ties of my own...check out the section over at Kleidsam on sale...

Back to the usual topic around here...some play on cashmere (tie), wool blend (socks), tweed (jacket), cord (trousers) and cotton (shirt).

The answers:
@Don Ollie: rein beim H&M, in die Herrenabteilung, ein Paar schnappen, zur Kasse, bezahlen, rausgehen, fertig :)
@David: yes, the colour works pretty nice (the burgundy in the tie resembles the cord´s colour reasonably well). And hell yes, i looooove suede shoes.
@Prutha: thx a lot :)


  1. Your ties the past three entries have been absolutely killing it. The cashmere one from today = major drool.

    Oh, and the shoes. So nice. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of cap toed oxfords at a reasonable price that will fit my giant feet. Someday, I will have them.

  2. simply incredible tie and pocket square