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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stuff on sale - The security guard theme


not much to talk about today...made my first "Kleidsam on sale" entry today. If you`re in search for a pair of black shoes, just have a look on the Sale Section of Kleidsam.
I´ll soon will get my hands on my first fully-bespoke item...can´t wait to start the process. The title of that ad reads "The best 15 bespoke tailors" and mine is amongst it :)

So this has been today´s outfit...yes, first airing for the seven fold tie.

@Anon: guess she stares at me in admiration?? :)


  1. Nearly amongst them :)

  2. I like the colours! Time to start the "my love's favourites" section:-)

  3. am eager to get to know more about your secret bespoke item ;)