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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The pink don´t cause a stink


whohaaa, the last of the recently aquired ties had its first airing today. Ben Sherman, maker of that sweet black & white & pink tie would be proud of me, wearing it with a light pink linen sc and a go-to-hell paisley ps. Speaking about going to hell: i managed to combine houndstooth, stripes, paisley and herringbone all at the same time...

Apart from that, my raid for preppy / trad ties and stuff still continues. And every once in a while, i am successfull. Bought this vintage Brooks Brothers yellow and blue striped, sheep-embroidered tie via SF. Now, it´s not just talking, but straight business, ha?

@Thefuzz: it is, had to laugh hard myself :)
@Loveofmine: no need to, just click on the "Outfit" lable, and there you go :)
@Marco: it´ll be awesome, i promise. Will host pictures and stuff here, for sure!

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