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Monday, October 18, 2010

Review Rugby: sport on Wallstreet


first of all, i am glad to welcome a new face to the fashion group of Kleidsam: street fashion fotographer Thestreetfashion5xpro from one of the most stylish places on earth, Milano in Italy. Please make sure you check out his pics, they are absolutely amazing. I go there every day and find inspiration...

Back to what i wanted to tell you: after passing through a lovely weekend with meeting friends, laughter, shopping, good food and seeing my love, monday had me back. Still, could manage to drop out of the office early...is there some kind of Wallstreet going on?

Speaking of shopping...it´s heavy knit season. so these red cosy things went into my closet. The hat, scarf and heavy knit cardigan are made by Review, a lable sold by P&C and Anson´s. The guys do have some serious stuff at very reasonable prices. Will surely more of that in the future...you might wanna check out their homepage, some great looks there.

So, i´ve been reffering to Wallstreet, the second part of the movie´s soon to be aired around Europe.
Did i at least kind of look like Gordon Gecko?
Deets are: orange-blue dotted tie by Turnbull & Asser, shirt by Montego, vintage PoW check double breasted coat, H&M overcoat, Loake Blackfriar shoes, blue Zara pants.

I´m still in search for some good winter boots and came across those one by Massimo Dutti. Pretty much looking like Red Wing boots, don´t they? Alas, they only cost a fraction of the original...damn god, let´s fast forward to the 27th :)

And what about those? They are a win, definitely...

 The first one would perfectly match this lovely db overcoat...

I have lately fallen pretty much in love with PRL´s subrand Rugby...i mean, how could you possibly not love this stuff (apart from being ridiciously overpriced):
(pic is courtesy of Rugby)

Last, but not least: replies to latest comments...

@Thefashionpro: thx a lot, your words are highly appreciated. Even more so when taking into regard your stylistical eye...
@Justin: thanx a lot, Justin. They are made by english shoemaker Grenson, and i have applied some home-made antiguing finish on the cap.
@Marco: i only got one watch, and only randomly do i wear it. But this one is great, isn´t it?
@Mr. Vintage: thanx a lot, they are by Dolce & Gabbana, and i bought them in a second hand shop off Frankfurt´s high fashion shopping mall :)
@Mike: no worries, you´re not there to shoot me anytime. That´s just allright :)


  1. spoozy, i see you got massimo dutti down south as well. bought my first pair of massimo dutti desert boots this summer in warschau. green suede and sweet as hell. i went to the store in berlin 2 weeks ago and saw ALMOST the same shoes. the ones i liked were about 100€ but had a different lacing. but the leather and fitting was great.

    i like those from napajiri:

    and have also thought 2-4 other options. sorel is one of them BECAUSE just like you, i am still on the hunt for my 10winter boots!! hit us up with your boots decision

  2. how hot is that model!!!! [sorry but cant get over him to look at the clothes hunny]