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Friday, October 15, 2010

Heavy knit for Fall


best thing about blogging: attracting people :)

I´m proud to tell you that three new faces have joined your regularly follower´s group: Le Dandy from the capital of Russia (Moscow), The Natural Aristocrat from the US and Jen, a lovely young lady whom i know in persona. The former two are blogging, too, and i urge you to follow them as well. Great work, both of you guys!!

To all three of: flattered to have you round here, your comments are always appreciated.

So, back to my....ah, life. Spent some time with Mike of Inner City Style, went down to the shores and had a good chat (as always) about style, family and life in general. This time though, i couldn´t please his sartorial eye, which is just fine. Alas, i needed to provide an answer for the shitty pics of today.

Nevertheless, here they go (a special thanks goes out to James aka Tweedydon, who sent this magnificent Brooks Brothers all over from the US in no time. James, thank you so much!):

Holla, the weekend´s coming up....time for me to see my love. Excited, that´s what i am. What are you guys up to??