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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Red and blue will always do (even with shitty pics)

Hey fellas,

oh my gosh, pictures are so fugly today...but the colourplay cheered me up a little. Red and blue in all sorts of arrangement: stripes, cords, houndstooth, dots, plain....wohaa, pattern-clashing is on....as is a new tweed vest, which will go live tomorrow. I can only warn you: full preppyness ahead!!

I never told you, but i was featured on another blog!!

How cool is that?? Yes, plain legen................wait for it, and i hope you´re not lactose-intolerant.....dary!! If you wanna check out the articel, you can read it here: Best of the Web - Style Blogs of the week. Thanx a lot, Chelsea!

In respondance to my fellow readers:

@Elaine: true, it has grown substantially long...gotta see the cutter soon :)
@Pratishta: so sweet, thank you! Always a pleasure reading from you :)
@Chris: was meinst du genau?
@Mike: yeah, the only critic i might have put forward. But the jacket´s cut is ridicuolusly great...will buy that book soon. And thx for the compliment, i have to install some more dbs in my closet :). The shop´s a well known mtm brand offside Kö...green signs on the street, showing sissors. You got me?
@Gonzalo: a pleasure having you here, and i hope i can satisfy your sartorial taste :)


  1. My best wishes for this great honor !
    Then hopefully see you soon :)

  2. oh what a combo!! and that GREAT scarf again!!!


  3. Your earn it, man! Honour to whom honour is due. Congratulations!