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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prep in full swing


despite the sometimes foul conditions fall brings with him, i love this time of year for the possibility to layer garment over garment when leaving the house. Today i went full preppylike, with a herringbone tweed driver cap, a Polo Rugby knit tie, blue french cuff shirt, a heavy knit and my new tweed herringbone west. To top it of, i chose to wear my vintage houndstooth jacket.
Even if you don´t like that look, it felt so great wearing this: like i would drive my Land Rover into town, go to the pub and see the lads, afterwards spinning home to my vast country manner, seeing my wife and children, playing with puppies...until i realised: damn, i ain´t no English Landlord :)

Speaking about looks you definitely wanna go for: was strolling through P&C during my lunchbreak. They have some seriously great stuff on offer, like red / lilac cords (a pitty, there too roomy for me), tweed blazers with ellbow patches, same great scarfs, heavy knits....damn it, i could spent two grands on those goodies. But didn´t, unfortunately. But seriously, they have great stuff. Go check it out!!

Second big major plus today: left the office at 06:30 p.m., only to come home and see some packages for me on the doorstep. Whoaa!! I received my double breasted POW check sport coat, along with some shoes and the yellow-blue sheep embroidered tie. Such a great day...

Anyway, there you go, the picture work:

Replies to latest comments:

@Julian: thank you, Juls! Will hopefully have word on the tweed textile by end of next week...
@Marco: hell yeah, not that modest, ha? By the way: the scarf was a great catch from Zara...
@Mike: cheers Mike, i really appreciate it. You would definitely deserve the same.