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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great stuff on the internetz, again

(pic via Style Forum)

(found at Style Forum)

(found on Preppydemic)

(found over at Graham Wither´s)
(found over on Cooper Fredrickson)

(seen on Everything you love to hate)

(found on Style Forum)

The comment section:
@Mike: well, all things have to go some time :)
@Marco: i´ll have a try, doesn´t seem soo hard, does it?
@David:thank you very much for your comment, David, totally digging what you say. Fun is, i only put the coat on to make that photo. I´d not want to wear it with boat shoes, they just don´t seem right here, do they? The Hunting jacket is by H&M and was real steal...it´s very versatile and one of my favourite items...

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  1. A barbour with an OCBD, chinos and monkstraps, wow, that's my new fall outfit of choice.