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Friday, October 22, 2010

From D to R/S/C with L

Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs,

what a lovely friday for me: i´m having a day off and seized the opportunity to stay up long yesterday night, slept long and personally receiving today´s mail...and i´ll tell you, i was totally freaking out when i opened the package. Thx to C, who sent the lovely stuff i´m wearing today...preppare for full Preppyness!!

Oh, the overcoat is a vintage Aquascutum Trench coat made in the late 1960´s...it is in pristine condition, no signs of wear whatsovever...it fits perfectly and hell yeah, this is a statement. It tells the world i got style...or at least the guts to sport that thing in the real world :)

The picture on the right side was taken when i went back to DüDü´s central station...for all german readers: if you find the mistake, i´ll adward you a "Sophisticated reader" award :)

Now i am preparing to leave the house in order to see the most lovely one on the planet: getting home for my love! Awesome....

The comments:
@Anon: i´ll have some pics ready when i start sewing, i´ll promise. I´m likely to host pictures of how to make yourself a tie and bow tie just as well :)
@Julian: sweet man, thx for the praise. They´re made by Viccel, a turkish company. Really great stuff at very reasonable prizes.
@Marco: and i can´t wait to get the project started :)


  1. Very interesting tie. The trench is absolutely amazing. My only suggestion is that when wearing such a sophisticated overcoat, I'd wear more sophisticated shoes than boat shoes. Well done, Spoozy.

  2. What a trench! Congrats on that! I'm deeply impressed. But Scott's right about the shoes :-)

  3. Say! What happened to your beard?

  4. That trench is incredible, also given that it's vintage Aquascutum makes it all the more special. I also really like that hunting jacket with the patches, who's that one by?

    Both are great looks overall, but I have to agree with Scott on the shoes though, especially since I know you have a killer collection to choose from too!

  5. I love that tie. Where can I find one?