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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stop / Start


MarcoBerlin, you are totally on track with what you say: i really don´t take any interest in high-fashion brands or the latest designer stuff drippling down from runways. Whenever i post pictures of guys or girls alike, the only question i am asking myself is: would i probably wear this or does it have anything i find pretty cool and like?

As you see, the guys portraied in here might be comming round your corner any time. With a bit of an eye to colours and materials, you can dress as well as them. It doesn´t take thousands of euros to create a look that is unique, yet classical with a modern twist. That´s what men´s wear blogs should be about.

This said, i am putting forward today´s outfit: felt like wearing a bow this morning. Yes, this is excentric, but hey...i like it.

Anyway, went to HM during lunchtime and saw a beautiful orange silk knit pullover for only 15€. Forgot to bring my wallet though, so hopefully i can get my hands on that tomorrow. Apart from that, i was wondering if wearing a vest underneath a tweed jacket is a good idea? What do you think? I can´t find a suitable pic right now, so i´ll show you tomorrow what i am thinking about...

And still, there is another question circling around my mind: in order to prevent from getting cold in the days ahead, would you prefer a duffle coat or a crombie coat? I am in love with both types alas...


  1. Pretty good outfit today.

    +1 for the Dufflecoat

  2. Der Mantel vom letzten Pic ist sehr schön.

    Ich mag das Outfit. Das Tuch passt zum Hemd und ich mag Farben. Das Gelb findet sich im Jackett wieder. Fein!

  3. @Grimod: thx a lot :-). Will go for the Dufflecoat then...

    @Joe´s Blog: danke, ich find Farben auch prima.

  4. thx for adressing me directly in your post and I guess we share one sense and idea of MEN FASHION BLOG :)
    I would def go for the duffle this season. I am looking for one myself. Where did you see the one in the picture?
    BTW: Ich bei mir kannst du auch auf Deutsch antworten, blogge nur auf Englisch ;)

  5. As long as you're not conflicting patterns or building up too much bulk with a vest under your jacket, vests are a great complimentary piece. Vests work especially well with tweed, as tweed's inherent winter-weight dictates layering.

    Whether you choose a duffel or crombie/chesterfield depends on the occasion. Duffels are always certainly casual while the latter always requires formal attire.

  6. Am I allowed to say you look hott?! ;)

  7. @Scott: You´re totally spot on. It always depends on how you combine it: vest / tweed / dufflecoat rocks. Vest / tweed / Crombie: ouch...haven´t been reading much of you in the past days, though...

    @Republic: i reckon you are, thx a lot :)

  8. i'd go 4 the duffle. kept me warm last winter and will last for years.



  9. Hello there, thank you for your kind comment. I'm very excited to be back in Rome and settled a bit! As for the outfit above, I love it. In fact it's amazing. The jacket and shoes are my favouite...and the yellow cardigan is such a nice touch. :)